How to plant a lawn

Many people like to have a lawn in the garden. However, not every garden comes with a lawn, so sometimes we have to plant one ourselves. We want to give you a hand with that, because it can be quite difficult to plant a lawn yourself. So if you want to know more about when to sow, how to sow and how to maintain the grass? Then be sure to read this article, because we’ll tell you all about it!

When to start seeding?

An important factor of successfully growing a lawn is the time you start seeding the grass seed and lawn feed. This is because the best time to plant grass is in the fall and spring. After all, in the summer it is often too hot and dry for grass to grow well. In the winter it is too cold for grass to grow. In the spring and autumn there is relatively more rainfall and you have favourable temperatures that allow grass to grow well! So if you want to plant a lawn, it’s best to do it in spring or autumn.

The sowing process

Next we have come to how to sow grass seed. After all, the most important thing in the end is to sow the seeds properly. Therefore, first make the area completely weed-free. The grass roots need space to grow and weeds hinder that. Then dig and work the area by turning the soil over and loosening it. While doing this, it is also important to remove debris such as rocks, roots and wood. Then it’s time to rake the soil and possibly add compost to the soil. When the soil is firm enough, i.e. you have pressed it down a little, you can start sowing the grass seeds. The soil has to be firm so that the seeds don’t just blow away by the wind. Then spread fertilizer, spread the seeds well and rake in the seeds.

Maintaining the grass

Once you have sown the grass seeds and the grass has started to grow, it is important to perform maintenance. At the beginning, make sure you water the lawn a lot so the grass can grow well. Even later on, it is important to water the lawn during dry times. Fertilize the grass again after six weeks of growth to allow the roots to develop more strongly. Mow the grass occasionally and, above all, enjoy your beautiful new lawn!