Who doesn’t want to present their house as a luxurious one? We all often look for things that can make our house look appealing and attractive. Every single room requires renovating, but bathroom renovations are the most crucial ones. If you have landed here, it is possible that you are looking to renovate your bathroom and have no idea where to start and the preparations to be made. There are several questions that you need to ponder upon. You have stumbled upon just the right place if you are looking for some answers.

Building Permit

Building permits are a must when you are making any kind of renovation at your residence. In the cities of Australia, such as Penrith and Hornsby, building permits are pretty crucial. Any wall of your house requiring renovation in structure, functionality and shapes needs the building permit first. These permits are necessary for the health, safety and structural balance of the building.

After some examination, these are issued by private or council building surveyors to ensure that the changes are according to the rules and regulations. Bathroom renovations require building permits, but if the changes are minor, such as leakage fixes or changing the tiles, the permit is unnecessary.


An estimated budget is the most crucial factor in everything; the same goes for bathroom renovations. From the littlest of changes to the entire renovation of the bathroom, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and all-inclusive quote so you can have an idea of what it’s going to cost you. The general rule is to spend between 5 to 10 per cent of your property’s total value for the bathroom renovations. See that it comes under your budget and you can afford it. There are companies out there just looking to loot your pockets.


Bathrooms are, of course, always wet and if there is no ventilation, it can lead to various problems. Algae, mould, and other bacterias can make a room in your bathroom, leading to a musty smell. It is not beneficial for your health in any way. Waterproofing is necessary for some regions of the bathroom. It is essential that your windows are pretty big, so it would also allow cross ventilation. Binders and waterproof paint are also some ways to prevent mould in the bathroom.


When we talk about bathroom renovations, it is not mandatory to replace every single thing. If you have some things such as cabinets or shelves that can be reused and recycled, you should retain them along with new items. A mixture of old and new furniture items can give your bathroom a homely feeling.

Before deciding on a specific bathroom renovation design, you have to consider the space and shapes available. You wouldn’t want to select some style that doesn’t fit the room of your bathroom. All the hardware and furniture should be decided before the process, including the shape and size of the sink, toilet seats, faucets, bathtub, etc. There are also other factors to consider, such as towel rails, showers, medicine drawers, tilings, etc. A proper design and colour should be selected, which fits the theme well and provides aesthetic vibes.

If you reside in Penrith or Hornsby, you should make no errors in hiring the proper blokes for bathroom renovations. It is one of the critical areas of your house and shouldn’t be messed up. When taken into serious consideration, all the above factors can give you the bathroom renovation you desire.